Sunday, 26 January 2014

Some of it will be about bikes

Some of it will be about bikes!
Although I started this blog within the last few days, I have inevitably been working on the planning and training for the ride for a few weeks already.
The registration for entry to the race was filled within 24 hours of going live and I was not one of the lucky ones to be listed in the top 101. I was, however reliably informed that enthusiasm gets the better of a few hopefuls who have not yet discussed the realities of such an event with their other half, or decided that they can afford the time of work….or indeed the risk of getting a bit knobbled on the way.
Since my entry was as an alternative to trying to row the Atlantic, an idea that did not meet with management approval, 2 weeks of cycling seemed like something of a let off and I was duly rewarded with race entrant No 052 as I crept up the reserve list and onto the starting list.
I have set my sights on a back to back double hundred sometime in late June and have geared my training around this goal. It sounds simple enough as long as you don’t factor in night shifts working for the Out of Hours Urgent Care Service in Norfolk and 4 kids. Oh and a dog, and moving house and of course spending time with my father.
So thus far I have joined the UEA gym on a bronze membership and have been set up with a training programme that crucifies my thighs and core and allows me to cruise the pool for an hour afterwards. I have squeezed in about 300 miles on the bike since the end of November.
What I need now is the right bike.

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