Monday, 27 January 2014


I finished a night shift this morning, going to bed at about 08:30 with the seed sown in my head that I would get out on my bike when I got up.

When I did surface at mid-day, I looked out at the cold dreary weather outside knowing that if I was cold inside the house then I would be freezing outside. The motivation to train started to seep away.

Then I was checking my e-mails and received a generous message from Robert H-W and sponsorship for The Alzheimers Society and I knew that training or not wasn't an option. In the same way that getting up to marshal my father is not an option for my mother. I did say in my justgiving webpage, that this motivation to keep me pedalling to reach 200 miles a day in August would be key and so it is now.

Thank you Robert, I'm outa here, cold or not.

15 miles in the hour. Alzheimer's Society

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