Thursday, 27 February 2014

A little help from your friends

When I last wrote I mentioned the generosity of those who have been making contributions to the cause. It would be wrong not to take the time to mention them.

Since I started to plan the 'temporarily' aborted trans-atlantic crossing at the tail end of last year, Linda, who works in the office, has bought into the sense of adventure that goes with big ideas such as these and has given of her organisational experience and specifically her previous knowledge of graphics to produce some great logos and artwork to assist with the marketing.

Since I am trying to raise money for Dementia Care and specifically the Alzheimer's Society, this is vital. It is also something that I am rubbish at and along with the other contributors I am about to mention, highlight why expeditions of any complexity, rarely happen without a team of supporters in the background.

There is an irony here that is not lost on me, since the ride itself is by the rules of the race, 'unsupported', but you still have to get to the start line.

Sojan is a computer hardware engineer who manifestly knows what he's about when it comes to IT. From asking him a couple of unrelated problems, his 'sponsorship' has been to completely rebuild my PC and take on the task of getting his head around Garmin Basecamp and Openstreetmaps, so that I can get on with downloading Europe and plotting my route across the continent.

Hannah is pursuing some charity sponsorship for me, again without being asked. Since she has also determined that I'm not very good at self-publicity, she's also taken on the task of ghost writing my brief for the would be sponsors, since she at least recognises that 200 miles a day is a bit more than just 12 characters on a computer screen and that I maybe should make more of it.

Well in the end I did another 50 miles today (97 for the week so far,) and have re-arranged my visit to see my father until Sunday since he has had quite a few visitors and is still settling in to his new surroundings.

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