Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A few miles and some more to chew on.

Since my last post I have visited my father on hospital again and am delighted that he has now been discharged and is very happy with his room and surroundings in a specialist care home for people living with dementia. I hope to visit him tomorrow and since it will be a 70 mile round trip, it seems like a perfect excuse to go there by bike.

There is a symmetry that I should travel to see him on the bike that he spent many, many hours cycling around the local countryside. I would love to take this same bike across Europe as a very fitting tribute to him, but it is just slightly the wrong size and would  cripple my neck and back after a couple of days I think.

Still it's a good training camel.This is mejust back from a short outing in my new Alzheimer's Society shirt!

I have been amazed by people's generosity over the last few days. It has been said that I am slightly underselling myself. Certainly as I have been out on the roads a little more in the last week or so, the enormity of what I am taking on has become increasingly clear. Yet, I don't want to make more of what I am doing than of the opportunity to raise awareness for the Alzheimer's Society and whilst I accept that 200 miles a day is easy to say and pretty tough to do, I have chosen the challenge afterall.

So in the last two days I have been out for a couple of 25 mile stints and taken in Gas Hill in Norwich 5 times yesterday. Mindful of the Dello Stelvio Pass and many other hills/mountains, besides, I am working on my strength as much as my stamina. With 70 odd miles tomorrow, that will make it a 120 mile week so far.

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