Friday, 20 June 2014

Squeezing it all in.

In more ways than one I am trying to squeeze it all in. Essentially today's posting is about my kit list and trying to decide what's in and what's out, but it is also about the bigger picture.

Having just bought a house that is being renovated,
working during the evenings and weekends, looking after the children during the day during the week and training, not surprisingly a few things are in danger of falling off the plot. Sleep is one of them and the other has been fund-raising and this blog.

If there is anyone out there who would like to help with the find-raising side of things please, please get in touch. I have posters and am in the process of producing some credit card size business cards with our logo, blog address and fund-raising site address. It certainly isn't too late. Indeed with 6 weeks to go, it is probably as good a time as any to get going with some pre-race advertising and serious fund-raising. To date we have cleared £600 without trying too hard.

Dementia awareness and the tip of the iceberg is becoming an increasingly hot topic. There was a discussion on Radio 5 Live with Nicky Campbell yesterday that I called in to, but was probably a bit late to get a call back. worth a try though.

I had a visit from Steve, my erstwhile adversary ( Race number 008,) yesterday. It should be interesting for you to follow our duel, not least since we have chosen quite different routes, especially after we leave the summit of Mount Lovcen.

 We have both opted for a 'big decision' point somewhere in northern Italy, at which point we will decide whether to go east coast of the Adriatic to Bari or west coast through Croatia. We acknowledge individually that we will not know how this will pan out until we see how we are faring after the first 650 miles.

 So, to the kit list.

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