Friday, 20 June 2014

Kit List

I started last night to list everything that I feel that I should take. Inevitably it would possible to increase or reduce this list. For the hardened traveler, you will say that this is far too much. For my wife, it will never be enough, but that's ok, since there's only room for one in my bivi-bag.

I will amend this regularly, so for the moment please view this as version 1. A very rough brain dump for the moment.

Likely     Maybe

Bivi-bag - Sleeping bag liner - Inflatable light weight therma rest.

Waterproof jacket - shoe rain covers - waterproof trousers (cut off to shorts)

Shoes - Helmet - Cycling shorts x 1 - thermal long sleeved under shirt - cycling top - socks x 1 - fluorescent bib - gloves - silk under gloves - Sunglasses - suntan cream - chamois cream/Vaseline - tooth brush

Water bottles 1 Ltr x 2 - purifying tablets - electrolyte replacement tablets - food bag.

Multi-tool - spare chain links - puncture repair kit - spare tyre - pump - wire tool for dynamo etc
Pen torch - AAA batteries for SPOT and pen torch - 1st Aid kit - bike lock - tyre levers - spare inner tubes x 2

Paperwork to inc Turkish visa - ferry ticket - Insurance tag - E111

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