Monday, 3 March 2014

Preparing the stable

Yesterday morning I bit the bullet and ordered my first new bike in over 20 years. The Canyon Inflite AL 8.0 S is billed as a winter/commuting/racing bike with cyclo-cross pedigree. I have gone back and forth over what to buy for this trip. It's a race after all, so the temptation would be to plumb for one of the stiffer leaner, lighter racing frames with skinny wheels, cantilever breaks and more aggressive geometry.
The potential for 200 mile days dictates that comfort has to be at the forefront of my decision and I've asked for a 25mm steerer tube onto which I intend to add some aerobars for variety, when it comes to riding position. I'm also now looking for the right hub dynamo to power the lights and GPS. Anyone with experience of these or any other useful tips, please do get in touch,
Which way to go?

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